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Our trained and creative technicians specialize in meeting and exceeding any of your needs when it comes to giving your vehicle that unique, custom and enhanced appearance.

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Tint Worx Services

Auto Tinting

Tint can be combined with other premium features that improve your vehicle inside and out.

Paint Protection

A key benefit to Clear Bra is that it simply keeps your vehicle looking good

Alarms/Remote Starters

We carry a full line of high quality alarms and remote starts from the best name brands in the industry

Car Audio

Tint Worx carries the top-selling, quality brands in car stereos, amplifiers, speakers and lots more at great prices!

residential window tinting

UV rays coming through your home’s windows not only affect your furniture and floors, but can cause damage to your skin and eyes, even contributing to premature signs of aging.

Commercial window tinting

Commercial window tinting by our trained installers is a cost-effective and popular choice that elevates the aesthetic of your business!

Custom Wheels

Car enthusiasts are always looking for that ideal set of custom wheels to put on their ride to improve overall comfort, performance and safety.

Ceramic Coating

The paint on your car, truck, van or SUV can start to lose that glossy, attractive look it once had as exposure to sun, road grime, insects, and other debris takes a toll over time.

Adding window tint isn't just putting on a film. It's a way to improve your windows, and it has great advantages that go way beyond what you get from the factory.

At Tint Worx, we use GEO SHIELD, which is among the finest window tint products on the marketplace. In addition, Tint Worx is one of the top-rated window tinting companies in Elgin!

Need New Tint for Your Windows? Call Tint Worx Today and Let Us Know the Details – We’ll Give You a Free Estimate

Our staff of trained service technicians are ready to meet your tinting needs.

Some of the benefits to tinting the windows of your vehicles include:

Improves climate control

Improves protection of upholstery

Provides better protection against theft

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automotive window tinting

Improve the Look and Function of Your Car, Pickup Truck, Van, RV or SUV with Window Tinting by Tint Worx

When you choose professional installation of tinted windows, you are also adding valuable protection that will help preserve the value of your vehicle. The quality tint our technicians apply will help to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from discoloration, warping and cracking. That protection also helps you get a better return if you choose to sell it.

car alarm

Need a New Vehicle Alarm or Remote Start? Bring Your Vehicle to Tint Worx

Along with professional tinting, our technicians can install a new alarm system that will guard your vehicle against theft. We also have a selection of quality remote starters that will enable you to start up your vehicle from the comfort and security of your home or business.

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