Commercial Window Tinting

Are you continually frustrated with cloudy windows or a glare in your commercial space?

Maybe you’re noticing temperature changes in different areas of the building, or that your utility costs are rising. Commercial window tinting by the team at Tint Worx can eliminate those issues.

Commercial window tinting by our trained installers is a cost-effective and popular choice that elevates the aesthetic of your business!

Commercial Window Tint

Consider the advantages of premium tinting:

Improves Energy Efficiencies

Tinting the windows at your commercial space can make it more energy efficient by limiting the heat from sunlight. This is particularly beneficial during hotter weather when your AC is running continuously. By cutting down on the heat entering the space, it makes it much easier for your cooling system to maintain temperatures comfortable for your personnel and customers.

Protects Your Interior Spaces

Any time of the year, the sun’s UV rays entering your building each day can cause damage. For instance, UV rays can lead to fading on office furniture and floors, causing discoloration.

Depending upon your type of business, there may be important materials or equipment close to windows that are vulnerable to UV damage. Quality window tints can provide valuable protection!

Keeps Employees More Comfortable

If you’ve tried working on a computer screen close to a window, you’re aware of how distracting the glare can get. But you don’t always want to shut the blinds and prevent the natural light from coming in.

Commercial window tinting reduces the glare on screens and other workplace surfaces, yet still allows your staff and customers to enjoy the sunlight. They can still see clearly while at less exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Commercial Window Tint

  • Saves on energy costs.
  • Improves comfort for employees and customers.
  • Decreases risks of criminal activity.
  • Protects inventory against UV rays and heat.
  • Improved safety from broken glass.


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