Custom Wheels

Car enthusiasts are always looking for that ideal set of custom wheels to put on their ride to improve overall comfort, performance and safety.

A Unique Feature for Your Car

There are many options to consider when it comes to aftermarket, customized wheels. Tint Worx offers an array of customizations ranging from wheel size and finish to bolt pattern and color. It why so many customers choose us for their car needs!

Riding in Comfort

The size of custom wheels impacts the smoothness and feel of your ride. Smaller wheels with taller sidewalls, for example, create an easier, smooth ride that minimizes shaking and bumping. This size enables you to drive over rough surfaces without a lot of disruption. Furthermore, smaller wheels typically last longer since there’s more of a buffer in between them and the road.

Truck owners often choose smaller rims with a wider set of tires. This allows for better tread for smoother navigation of dirt and trails. But whatever your style preferences may be, there’s a set of quality custom wheels for practically every type of vehicle. Let Tint Worx help you choose your next set!

Custom Wheels

Improves Overall Performance and Safety

The size of custom wheels can help make a difference between a safe, smooth drive and a rougher one. That’s why it’s essential that you choose an experienced professional team to create wheels that have the correct diameter, backspace and offset for your tires.

Tire pressure monitoring systems are important to consider, too, when selecting your next set of custom wheels. Your monitoring system should be reset the next time you replace your wheels to ensure the right tire pressure.

When you have Tint Worx select and professionally install your set of custom wheels, our technicians ensure that you can drive on in confidence.


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