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How Clear Bra Protects Your Vehicle

There are many names for automotive protective films: Clear Bra, Clear Wrap, Invisible Shield, Clear Mask, Car Scratch Protection and Rock Chip Protection to mention just a few. The more common term for vehicle protective films is Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra, so we’ll use them interchangeably in this post.

A key benefit to Clear Bra is that it simply keeps your vehicle looking good. It is the most comprehensive type of defense you can put between your car, truck or SUV and all the factors that can cause damage to its appearance.

If you spend money researching ways to paint your vehicle, learning about spray booth filtration and various types of automotive paints, it can be very frustrating to then have road debris or branch scuff up its exterior.

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But thanks to the impact resistance of Paint Protection Film, its application protects your paint against scratches and chips caused by road debris.

Its urethane film is resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosion, which means that it provides a line of defense against stains and etching that can result from bird droppings, rain, bug splatter and mineral deposits. It doesn’t oxidize from exposure to sunlight and guards your paint from fading.

The topmost layer of a quality protective film consists of elastomeric polymers that are able to return to their initial shape even after being stretched. This quality gives the film its remarkable “self-healing” capabilities. That means if the film is lightly scratched,
it is able to absorb the damage and go back to its previous texture.

Automotive Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material. Urethane technology was developed during the Vietnam War when U.S. helicopters were crashing due to damage on the leading edge of rotor blades. The military, in conjunction with 3M, developed a technology that would be lightweight, but also resilient and replaceable at a much lower cost than replacing an entire rotor blade.

In the 1970s, the military expanded its use of urethane films to the noses of fighter jets. Because the technology has been so successful and efficient, 3M still manufactures a variety of urethane films for military and aerospace purposes.

Although materials in aerospace have continued to evolved over the years, some older materials – such as urethane – are still in use.

The Making of Paint Protection Film?

If you’re going to wrap any type of material around your new car, you’ll certainly want to know all about it. The key ingredient in Paint Protection Film is urethane, a versatile and strong polymer consisting of carbamate links. A compound, urethane is transparent and lightweight similar to plastic.

Unlike plastic, though, it is not brittle or prone to tears and cracks. It is resistant to impacts, abrasions and corrosion. Plus, urethane is very flexible and can regain its shape even after being stretched.

It has a wide variety of industrial and recreational applications. Urethane is used in the household caulk with which you line your bathroom tiles because it seals spaces from moisture and prevents the growth of mildew or fungus. It can also be found as a coating on boats and underwater cables to prevent damage.

It is used in various sporting equipment parts, from football pads to surfboard fins. Its strength and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal component for manufacturing and mining equipment. As we mentioned earlier, urethane is still used to protect various parts of military and aerospace equipment.

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