Residential Window Tinting

Looking for innovative and economical ways to protect your home’s interior spaces against UV rays? Installing residential window tint is the solution!

Fabrics, furniture, artwork and other décor can be damaged and start to fade when exposed to sunlight streaming in every day through untreated residential windows. Because it blocks nearly all of those UV rays, the film our technicians apply on your windows offers dependable protection for the items and surfaces in your home.

It will help to preserve the colors of your fabrics, hardwood floors and carpet while also keeping antiques or art work fading.

UV rays coming through your home’s windows not only affect your furniture and floors, but can cause damage to your skin and eyes, even contributing to premature signs of aging. The properties and design of window film protects against ultraviolet rays. And since it is transparent, you’ll still be able to enjoy your view!

Residential Window Tinting

Help Your Cooling System with Residential Window Tint

Are you aware that a significant amount of heating and cooling costs for an average size home can be lost through its windows if they’re not energy efficient? With fuel costs escalating and rather than spending a lot on replacement windows, call Tint Worx to schedule an estimate on residential window tinting.

Our high quality, energy-saving tint provides an affordable and effective alternative to replacing windows when your goal is improving energy efficiency. Residential window films can enhance windows that are already in good condition, but not very energy efficient.

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Consider the many benefits to window tinting for your home:

  • Increases energy efficiency, climate control and leads to savings.
  • Adds privacy.
  • Protection against interior fading on your upholstery and floors.
  • Reduces glare and exposure to UV rays.
  • Improves protection against broken glass.


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