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Commercial Window Tinting Streamwood IL

Commercial Window Tinting Streamwood IL

Looking for ways to save on energy costs at your commercial location? Consider the advantages of commercial window tinting! A significant percentage of energy in a building typically escapes through the windows.

So in order to keep interior spaces at comfortable temperatures, you’ll need to run the heating and cooling system for longer and longer periods.

Installing commercial window tinting can add extra insulation to windows, which blocks the heat and rays of the sun from entering the building.

Allow More Natural Light into Your Commercial Building

Suppose you close your blinds every day, you’ll need to install more light fixtures for a safe and efficient workplace environment. The longer the lights remain on, the more your electricity bills will rise.

While you may save some on heating and cooling costs, the increase in lighting bills might negate that.

The quality commercial window tinting installed by our technicians blocks the glare while reducing your cooling and lighting costs. Tint blocks UV rays but allows light to come in.

-Protection for your décor. When your commercial building is in ideal condition, it helps customers feel more assured in your business. They’ll believe that since you care about the site and the assets inside of it, you’ll show them the care they need, too.

Sun streaming through the windows can cause steady damage to the décor in your building. If carpet, furniture and other soft surfaces appear faded and aged, customers might start to form doubts.

Quality commercial window tinting installed by Tint Worx blocks out the damaging rays of the sun. Applying commercial window tinting also protects against UV rays that can cause negative health effects.

For example, it can lead to vision problems like cataracts or even damage to retinal tissues.