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Residential Window Tinting Streamwood IL

Residential Window Tinting Streamwood IL

One of the main benefits of choosing residential window tinting for your home is the remarkable degree of glare reduction it provides. Glare from sunshine can have a dramatic effect on your productivity and comfort.

For instance, glare on a computer screen or TV can be irritating and might even block out your view completely, affecting both your work and your time for recreation.

Residential window tinting not only blocks the sun’s heat it also reduces the glare that streams through at certain times of the day.

Protection Against UV Rays

Though it might not be an issue that homeowners consider a lot, it is possible to receive unhealthy levels of UV rays exposure from just sitting at a window with a lot of sun coming through.

Melanoma and other forms of skin cancers are sometimes the result of UV radiation. It can adds up due to recurring exposure to the sun.

Because window tinting blocks UV rays, you will gain peace of mind of knowing you’re not being exposed to excess UV damages while inside your home.

Better Security

Windows on a home’s ground floor are not surprisingly a common point of entry in burglaries.

Intruders can simply shatter the glass and climb through the window or unlock the door to gain access into the home, putting you in a position of deciding between the aesthetic appeal of your windows or the security of your household.

While residential window tint cannot prevent a forcible entry, it does secure the glass in position longer and makes entry a lot more difficult.

Just those few additional seconds could be sufficient to alert you or provide your alarm system enough time to contact local law enforcement. It might even be enough to stop a thief completely.