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Vinyl Wrapping Streamwood IL

Vinyl Wrapping Streamwood IL

While everyone enjoys the feeling of riding in a car with a shiny, new paint job, the cost can be steep. Are there other options to consider? More than a few car owners are discovering the advantages of vinyl wrapping.

Far less costly than buying a car and offering more versatility than paint, vinyl wrapping is an ideal solution when you want to change and upgrade the look of your vehicle.

By applying a film over your vehicle’s paint, a vinyl wrap provides an excellent opportunity for customizing your vehicle in many ways. Although you might realize it, you’ve most likely seen a vehicle wrapped in some type of material.

A lot of new cars come with some type of transparent plastic covering that is applied to their hoods and bumpers.

Manufacturers have developed a wide selection of different kinds of colored vinyl for application on cars, providing an array of options in terms of textures, patterns and appealing colors.

Our installers can show you many options and help you choose a wrap that will look great on your car!

Another big advantage to vinyl wrap is that it typically costs significantly less than a customized paint job and requires less downtime. Painting a car is a big project.

From the preparation phase, priming, dry time, and the application of several layers of paint to the car, it takes time to achieve a new color.

A vinyl wrap is a good alternative to conventional methods because it does not require as much preparation time. The vehicle is cleaned before application of the vinyl, and there is some curing time needed for the adhesive.

Once it’s applied by our team, the vinyl generally will remain on your vehicle without any issues until you choose to remove it.