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Vinyl Wrapping West Dundee IL

Vinyl Wrapping West Dundee IL

Want to change the color of your ride without the expense and downtime of a full repaint? Bring your car, pick-up or SUV to Tint Worx for vinyl wrapping! Just a few of the benefits to this affordable alternative are:

-Keep your options open. With vinyl wrapping, you’ll be able to update the color as frequently as you like. When painting a vehicle too often, typically you’ll find that chips will start to occur on the paint. Vinyl car wrap does not require you to add layers on layers.

Changing the color simply involves our installers removing the wrap and then applying another. This prevents the addition of paint that will only end up diminishing in quality over time.

Painting a vehicle is challenging, too, if it’s darker because multiple coats will be necessary to make it lighter. This can cause the paint to begin chipping.

-Paint protection. Vinyl wrapping is often chosen by car owners that want to protect their initial paint. Although wrap is used for aesthetic purposes, another benefit is that it acts as a shield against road debris, scuffs and scratches.

While vinyl wrap will not shield your vehicle against major scratches or dents, it can help protect against smaller dings from pebbles that otherwise would cause damage to your paint. When vinyl wrapping is removed eventually, it does not affect your car’s paint.

To properly give lasting protection for your vehicle’s paint job, all that is needed is to apply the vinyl wrap as soon as you can. After covering the vehicle, you can be confident knowing that your paint is protected.

Schedule an estimate for vinyl wrapping at Tint Worx at 224-425-6543. We’re conveniently located a quick trip from West Dundee in Elgin!